My Son


There is not enough words to say how much I am happy to have a son. Not that I wouldn’t mind a daughter, but having a little boy that I can show him all the things that I loved as I grew up and to see all the things that he loves as he grows? It’s simply awesome.

My son is a miracle and not just in the idea of birth but in the idea of him being born at all… Odds of having a kid for us was less than 3 percent per month.. but we did anyway. Now that I have him it’s the most amazing thing as he is so bright eyed at every simple thing that we take for granted. He smiles and laughs as I open and shut a door. I chase him around the house and he screams with laughter. I leave the room for 2 seconds and he wonders where I went and if I’ll come back. (Working on that!) Seeing life from the eyes of a child make life brand new again.

So nothing could be more appropriate to start off this blog than to start it off with the brightest joy when I wake up and the sweetest image when I go to sleep… my son.

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